unmanaged vps hosting

Unmanaged VPS

Unmanaged VPS hosting requires a highly-skilled and tech-savvy user with a decent amount of knowledge of how to configure and manage the Virtual Private Server alongside other various services and applications that come with the VPS. The user has an unlimited degree of freedom to do as they please on the server.

For managing an unmanaged VPS server implies analyzing the needs by determining your website functionality, customer traffic, and speed. There is enough brainstorming in the maintenance of the server. However, the fact cannot be ignored that more freedom is enjoyed by unmanaged server users. Maintaining an unmanaged server indicates, one should have a perfect knowledge of the Linux operating system and to ensure reliability, uptime and server stability

They should be capable enough to handle issues regarding software, configuration, and performance all by themselves. The network or hardware problems alone will be attended by the web host and if you are looking for a good VPS server then I would suggest using Nixuz VPS server plans. They provide both unmanaged and fully managed VPS hosting plans.

Since the VPS is separate from other users on the same server, they cannot access the resources dedicated to you. The security of your server is in your control. You can put up firewalls and additional safety tools without worrying about the other virtual servers. Fully Managed VPS’s are constantly checked by the hosting provider for weak points on the site as well as malware, spyware, and suspicious traffic patterns. You are guaranteed a performance boost to handle peak traffic, more control over your server, and at an affordable price.

Unmanaged VPS refers to the client who has full root access to manage all the activities of VPS like security constraints, software Installation, resource monitor, and more without Expert hosting support.
It is not recommended to unmanaged hosting service to people who don’t know how to establish, manage, and function a web server and also to beginner level users, in such a case, managed VPS hosting provides a better solution.

Features of unmanaged VPS hosting :

With unmanaged VPS hosting customers will get autonomous control to use bandwidth, storage space and software installation.

Easily customizable, customers make any alterations as per their needs, they are free to install programs and software.

More affordable than managed services and provides proper network connectivity, software and unlimited resources and dedicated environment with cutting costs.

Customers will have all the resources which are not provided in shared hosting.

You have high security level as everything is managed by you like operating system, server applications and software, no one else can access your information.

Users get increased websites performance as they have separate resources for their websites, then the least probability of downtime.

It is a great option for medium sized business owners, if they have the technical knowledge to handle the server’s technical issues because unmanaged VPS hosting suitable for websites which needs high bandwidths.

If you don’t have the ability for managing server problems, then you should choose managed hosting, managed and unmanaged hosting are the same only the difference is technical support, therefore managed hosting is costly.

Nixuz provides unmanaged hosting services at reasonable prices, small and medium sized businesses can easily save their valuable money and bring the best results from their website with unmanaged VPS hosting.

unmanaged vps hosting

If you have knowledge about how to managed web servers and looking for affordable VPS plans then their unmanaged hosting is the best solution for you.

Nixuz‘s fully managed VPS hosting plans comes with following features:

*SSD Storage

*Free cPanel Account

*Free WHM

*Full Root Access

*IPv4 IP Address

*Firewall Security (CSF)

*DDoS Protection

*99.99% uptime

So, you don’t need to manage your own server.

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