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What is domain and hosting? – How domain hosting works?

What is domain and hosting? The first thing you need to launch a website is the domain and hosting key. There are many domain hosting service providers from which you have to buy domain and hosting. Must have knowledge of domain and hosting to create a website. In this article you will learn more about domains and hosting and how domains and hosting work. In addition to knowing what domain and hosting are, you can also find out where to host domain hosting.

What is domain hosting?
Each website has a unique IP address, for example: However, memorizing a website’s IP address is quite difficult.. For this reason, domain names are used instead of IP addresses for the convenience of remembering. Additionally, domain names are used to identify machines on the Internet.. Additionally, domain names are used to identify machines on the Internet. Typically, a domain name is the name of a website. Such as,, and, etc.. Every person, animal or object has a nickname by which that person, animal or object is identified. Likewise, each website has a unique name. is the first commercial domain name. On March 15, 1985, the computing company Symbolics of Cambridge registered with TLD com.. In December 2009, around 190 million domain names were registered..

What does a domain name do? – How does the domain work?
When we type the domain name in our web browser and press the enter button, we can understand how the domain name works if we know what actually happens. Notice the image below, then it will be helpful to understand the matter.

1. When we press Enter to enter a web URL in a browser to access a website, the browser looks for the IP address and makes a request to the global network before switching to the Domain Name System (DNS).

2. These servers then look up the name servers associated with the domain and forward the request to those name servers.

3. And these name servers are computers, which are operated by hosting companies. The hosting business will then transmit the request to the server storing the webpage..

4. The final web host then sends the website files to the browser as per the request so that we can see the website.

Types of domains:
There are different types of domains. There are four domain kinds depending on extension.

1. Top level domain
2. Country level domain
3. Free domain
4. Sub domain

1. Top Level Domain: The domain with the highest extension is called the top level domain. This domain must be purchased with cash.. Search engines place more importance on such domains and visitors also respect such domains more. Examples of top-level domains include .com,.org,.info,, among others.

2. Country level domain :Domains with extensions that point to a specific country are called country level domains. Country level domains are used to target people in specific countries. A country level domain website is able to bring more visitors from any top level domain website. Since country level domains target people in specific countries, it is best not to use country level domains on websites designed for multiple countries. Extensions like .bd for country, .in for India, .us for United States, etc. are examples of cut-level domains.

3. Free domain: There are many domains with extensions that do not have to be paid for. These domains can be registered for free from different websites. is one of them. Domains with extensions such,.ml,, among others, are instances of free domains. You may create a website for practice or leisure with a free domain. However, if you want to create a website for a professional position, it might be prudent to get a top-level domain..

4. Sub domain: Subdomains do not need to be purchased separately from any organization. If you buy a domain, you can create more than one subdomain within that domain. For example, is a domain. I have bought this domain and now I can create multiple domains like, etc. under this domain.

5. Premium domain:Premium domains are the types of domains that have high ratings. The owners of various domains utilize their skills and labor to transform a basic domain into a hierarchical domain, then offer it to various businesses or people for a much greater price..

Are there any domain options?
The answer to this question is yes. However, this other technique is somewhat more complex. Do you believe that your parents did not give you a name after birth? What will your new moniker be? He is the third son of Tamuk in this region. Something similar. Then it will be more difficult for others to recognize you than it is for them. If you choose to use this alternate approach. Each website has a unique IP address that has this format: 00.534.629.54.66. It’s difficult to recall. Therefore, the origin of the domain to resolve the issue.
Using this IP address, anybody may build and access a website.. But getting into so much trouble in this era is really badd incongruous.

If we want to build a house, what do we need first? Land. Yes, a house is built on a piece of land. Similarly, when we go to build a website, we need land or space. All in all, hosting is where the website files are kept.

Website files are stored on a computer that is connected to the Internet and is open 24 hours a day. There are many companies that offer free or paid hosting services on the Internet.

Here’s how hosting works:

When an Internet user searches by typing a domain name into a browser, the domain name is converted to an IP address, a request is made to the web hosting company’s computer, and the hosting computer immediately sends it back to the visitor’s browser. This makes the website visible in the visitor’s browser.

Types of hosting:

Hosting can be divided into four categories based on the convenience.

1. Shared hosting
2. VPS hosting
3. Dedicated hosting
4. WordPress
5. Managed hosting

1.Shared hosting:

Shared hosting is a hosting server that stores data on multiple websites by sharing space. For example, a hosting company has a computer with 100 GB hard disk, now they have replaced this 100 GB 50 website with 2 GB space. Such hosting server is considered as shared hosting server. Because there are 50 websites that have shared their data by sharing space.
Shared hosting is basically more popular than any other hosting server. Shared hosting costs a bit less than any other hosting server. This is the reason for its popularity. This is why different website owners use shared hosting for their websites.
But there are some problems or difficulties in using shared hosting. For example – there may be some limitations in using shared hosting. Using multiple websites sharing shared hosting can sometimes cause the server to slow down. If the site slows down due to more visitors coming to one website, then the effect may fall on other websites as well.
Shared hosting is better for websites that are relatively new and have less visitors, and experts recommend not to use shared hosting if the website has a lot of visitors, for example, if a website has 20,000 to 25,000 visitors daily.

2. VPS Hosting Server:

VPS stands for Virtual Private Server. Such servers are not shared between multiple users. Here a server is occupied by only one user. Hosting service providers create their own servers on their highly configured computers in a special process. It then rents separately to each user.
Having only one user on such a server makes loading much faster and much more secure than shared hosting. And only one website is set up on a single server because all its power is in the hands of the user.
The only problem with VPS hosting servers and the set is that it costs a little more. The cost in Bangladeshi rupees is around 800 to 1500 rupees per month. However, if you make a lot of profit from the website, this money will not be too much.

3.Dedicated hosting:

Dedicated webserver is a type of server where only one server is installed on a computer. And only one user uses that server. That means only one user in a whole building.

There are two types of dedicated hosting servers.

* Managed hosting: Managed hosting server is a type of hosting server on which the server maintenance, software installation, configuration, etc. are done by the hosting service provider. The consumer is not required to do any actions. That is why the price of such servers is also higher.

* Unmanaged Hosting: Unmanaged Hosting Server is a type of hosting server on which the server maintenance, software installation, configuration, etc. are not done by the hosting service provider but by the customer himself.

No other hosting server has the same freedom and privileges as a dedicated server. And going to find is also a kind of stupidity. The security of such servers is much higher and the site loading speed is super fast.

WordPress Managed Hosting:
The popularity of WordPress in creating websites is now at its peak. 36% of all worldwide websites + websites are created with WordPress. The demand for WordPress is so high that hosting service providers have created a kind of hosting server to build websites only with WordPress. Such a server is a WordPress managed hosting server. And no platform other than WordPress can be installed on such a server.


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